Page updated: 24 May 2010

How to obtain information

Our publication scheme has been designed to highlight information and publications that are currently available from NHS Swindon.  With a few exceptions, these can be downloaded from our website. 

  • If the information you require is not published, you should apply in writing to our:

    Feedom of Information Officer
    NHS Swindon
    North Swindon District Centre
    Thamesdown Drive
    SN25 4AN.

    Telephone: 01793 708700 

  • Your request will be acknowledged and you can expect to receive the requested records (if held) within 20 working days.

  • All requests for information must be made in writing (eg letter, fax, email) clearly stating what information you are requesting and supplying your name and address and the date of your request.

  • NHS Swindon may ask you for further information, which it reasonably requires in order to identify and locate the information that is requested.

In some cases, information may be exempt from disclosure.  If some of the information is of personal and confidential nature, it will be excluded as will any other confidential material.  Material relating to the health and safety of specific individuals, as to law enforcement or criminal or regulatory enforcement or audit issues under certain circumstances may also be excluded from publication.  There maybe circumstances where material cannot be released because the appropriate officer of the authority has taken the view that it may be prejudicial to the conduct of public affairs or commercially sensitive.

Should this be the case, then we will state the reason why the information cannot be released and the course of action to appeal if not satisfied.

For a complete list of exemptions that may prevent disclosure, you are advised to refer to the Freedom of Information Act.


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